HACCP Solutions Affordability

HACCP Solutions are not the most expensive, nor the cheapest.

But, maybe we are best for you.


We engage by 3 options:

  • Contract [Least cost, predetermined frequency],
  • Project [Fixed cost],
  • Casual [Most expensive].


We are also available to help you with emergency situations and we are available throughout long days & weekends, not quite 24/7 but almost. 

A simple HACCP Plan is available from approximately $2,600 & includes HACCP plan, HACCP training, System Users Guide, Audit Support.

A simple SQF V9 compliant Food Safety for Manufacturing & Quality system is available from approximately $4,000.

When considering the cost of engaging with HACCP Solutions it is worthwhile noting that our fee includes many covert business costs that typically add 30% to employee salary.  And because we know what works & what doesn’t we don’t fumble around with trial & error.  This ensures that we are super-efficient, value for money and we don’t profit from disbursements.

When we are on-site we do not watch the clock and you can rely on us to be successful for you.

Price Match Guarantee?

Although we don’t engage in price matching, HACCP Solutions are happy to provide a second opinion to see if we can better match your unique FSQMS needs.

If you need FSQMS help but are concerned about the fees we can arrange payment terms that work for you.