Our Process

Food Safety Consultants are best used to provide expertise, tools & guidance and we love to share all our knowledge.   We can also provide administrative support at a reduced rate to our Senior Consultants.

Once onboard we are fully committed to serving you and we will happily share our knowledge & FSQMS tools.

One of our favourite tasks is to mentor up-and-coming quality professionals.   When used in this way HACCP solutions can guide you to become virtually self-sufficient, unfortunately this is not a great business model for us to receive repeat business, but it does look after your needs.

To minimise costs, we obviously use templates – everyone does, but HACCP Solutions will not provide you with a complete system where we replace the previous clients name, your system will be specific to your operations & business personality.  This ensures relevance and ongoing efficiency for you.  Where possible we strive to incorporate your existing good practices into your FSQMS.

We don’t consult beyond our area of expertise & we don’t do product development work, we have preferred analytical laboratories & we can help with loan of some hardware.  If we can’t help you immediately, we will use our friends and professional network to help.

Our objective

is to make HACCP activities as simple as possible for our clients while ensuring food safety and compliance to regulatory requirements & customer expectations.